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Salmon Fillets 5 lb

Salmon Fillets 5 lb


10ct - 8oz Coho Salmon Fillets


Prairie Food Service is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Shoreline Wild Salmon (an Alaskan based company ran by 3 dedicated owners) to provide you this exceptional quality wild caught salmon.  You simply cannot find a higher quality salmon like this in any grocery store. 


Coho salmon has a rich, reddish-orange meat and has been called one of the best-tasting salmon. Although coho costs less than king and sockeye salmon, its quality is still quite high. Coho are a medium fatty salmon that have nearly two times the oil content of pink and chum salmon.


This Coho Salmon is currently available in 1/2 pound portions, vacuum sealed, and frozen.  Pin bone-in.


Whole fillets from 1-2lbs are avaialbe upon request....Just Ask.

  • About: Shoreline Wild Salmon

    Our business is based near the coast of Southeast Alaska in the small town of Pelican.  We are dedicated to providing hook-and-line caught wild salmon from the icy waters of Alaska to your dinner table by expanding our presence throughout communities in the Midwest.

    It is our hope to bridge the gap between Alaskan fishermen and consumers of Alaskan salmon by sharing the very resource that is a staple to our lives.  We are passionate about the work we do, and we handle every salmon as if they are going directly into the hands of our own family and friends.

    We hope you will be a part of our salmon story.

    -Keith, Joe, and Marie,

    Founders of Shoreline Wild Salmon

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