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Hillshire Pot Roast 15 lb

Hillshire Pot Roast 15 lb


2 Roasts per case

6 - 8.5lbs each

Price is an estimate of 15lbs at $6.22b

Exact price will be billed at pickup at $6.22lb


Hllshire Farm® Pot Roast is slow roasted to perfection for hours to create a homecooked taste in every bite that will bring your company back again and again.


Made from pre-trimmed USDA-inspected bottom round for tender, lean roast

Slow roasted for 8 hours in natural juices to reduce prep time 

Traditional, home-style recipe for made-from-scratch flavor


Rubbed With Dextrose, Sugar, Salt, Flavoring, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Caramel Color.
Ingredients: Beef, Water, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Salt, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Yeast Extract, Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten, Natural Flavor, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Caramel Color.


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