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Catfish Fillets 15 lb

Catfish Fillets 15 lb


Catfish Fillets 15lbs

Approx: 44 pieces / 5-7oz each


Heartland Catfish are fed a high-protein, grain-based floating feed that gives them their signature mild and sweet flavor. The balance of the supply is procured from select partner-farmers in Texas, the Arkansas Delta, Mississippi Delta and the Black Belt Prairie Region of Mississippi and Alabama. Raised in man-made freshwater ponds utilizing the latest farming practices and Best Management Practices, Heartland Catfish Company is able to deliver the best catfish on the market.


Unbreaded, cleaned, no bones.

  • About: Heartland Catfish

    Heartland Catfish products are a healthy, safe and viable food source. We take steps to ensure our products are farmed and processed in an environmentally responsible manner, from working with growers who employ environmentally beneficial farming methods to utilizing the most innovative equipment and processes in the industry. We control our catfish from egg to plate to guarantee you receive the highest quality products that meet the world’s highest standards. When you buy Heartland Catfish, you can feel confident in your sustainable seafood choice.

    U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is rated as a “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. Seafood Watch is dedicated to developing sustainable seafood advisory lists and making science-based seafood recommendations for consumers, chefs and businesses.

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